Geology - Topography - Climate

Viticulture in the Mosel valley is dictated by the unique countryside. The character of the growing area is formed by the special  geological, topographical and micro - climatical configuration. Grower's experience, care and innate understanding compliment the mineralic and spicy interplay that define these extraordinary wines.

Over a period of 15 million years, the Mosel dug into a slaty mountain range full of minerals that developed 400 million years ago.

The slate erodes easily and its components decay and enrich the soil, which are dissolved in the ground water and absorbed by the vines.

Due to the sheltered position of the Mosel Valley, it is part of the warmest climatic zones in Germany. The capability of the Mosel River and the soil to store heat and reflect sunlight minimizes the annual deviation of temperature and maximizes photosynthesis, making viticulture possble in this, otherwise, very cool region.


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