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Berncasteler Doctor

The legendary Berncasteler Doctor vineyard is located behind the village Bernkastel and is one of the most famous vineyards in Germany.

This 100% steep site with a South-South-West orientation consists of medium deep, stony, loamy weathered argillaceous schist. Planted with up to 80 year old wines, full-bodied, spicy wines are grown here. The South-South-West orientation of the vineyard guarantees optimal sunshine throughout most of the day.

The Riesling wines from the Berncasteler Doctor are among the most  famous and noble white wines in the world.

2011 Berncasteler Doctor Riesling Kabinett

Wine Description
In the nose you find right from the start the for the Doctor so typical smokey and spicey notes. Very dense with an almost oily-concentrated texture it presents itself extremely complex with kumquat, red apples, physalis, honey melon and caramel…………a never ending story. The for this vintage typical tartness makes this wine even livelier and guarantees an enormous maturing potential.     

Food Affinities
Great with seafood and fish. Also try with sushi…         
Excellent partner in combination with Asian cuisine.            

Alc.: 8,0%  |  Rs.: 67,2 g/L  |  Ac.: 5,7 g/L

2011 Berncasteler Doctor Riesling Spätlese

Wine Description
The bouquet of this wine shows lychees, quince and peaches. The incredible depth and density of this Spätlese is enhanced by a lively acidity and a pronounced slatey minerality. Herbal notes provide a pleasant spice character supported by a hint of coffee and a touch of saltiness in the finish, typical of the Doctor vineyard site.           

Food Affinities
This wine is a noble partner to the finest cuisine - lobster in beurre blanc, veal with a light cream sauce or delicate desserts - from exquisite fruit tarts to apple charlotte.   

Alc.: 9,0%  |  RS.: 71,9 g/L  |  Ac.: 6,0 g/L

2011 Berncasteler Doctor Riesling Spätlese Dry

Wine Description
A sumptuous richness of herbal and smokey notes show a beautiful structure.    Very complex with a multitude of different very filigran aromas and the for the Doctor typical long and slightly salty aftertaste. At the moment still very closed    the wine already hints at ist incredible potential.         

Food Affinities
Great with Sushi and Sashimi, steamed or grilled fish as well as slightly spicy dishes.   

Alc.: 12,5%  |  RS.: 5,9 g/L  |  Ac.: 4,9 g/L

2011 Berncasteler Doctor Riesling Auslese

Wine Description
Plush, with an impressive clarity to the apricot and apple tart flavors, which
feature tropical fruit and rich spicy notes. The long creamy finish is filled with
plenty of lemon cream notes.      

Food Affinities
The lusciousness forms a wonderful interplay with cheese towards the end of a meal. Try "The Doctor" with Stilton or a mature Brie style. The wine has even enough power to be partnered with a Roquefort.   

Alc.: 9,0%  |  RS.: 107,2 g/L  |  Ac.: 7,0 g/L

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The copper doors to the legendary Doctorcellar.

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2008 Berncasteler Doctor Riesling Kabinett  


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2008 Berncasteler Doctor Riesling Spätlese